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Pharmaceuticals Development Department

Overview of the business

Since the revision to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, the pharmaceutical environment has changed significantly. In the Pharmaceuticals Development Department, in response to customer needs and the special features of customer products, we select optimal partners in China and elsewhere, as well as in Japan, procuring bulk pharmaceutical materials and pharmaceutical intermediates, as well as providing consignment support.
With regard to overseas manufacturers, we will head for the production frontline together with customers, implementing manufacturing management, guidance and support.
For domestic manufacturers, we aim to supply optimal bulk pharmaceutical materials and pharmaceutical intermediates, such as highly competitive intermediates.
By realizing the performance and role requested by the customer, we create new value that responds flexibly to changes in the environment.

Strengths of the business

Pharmaceuticals Development Department

Since we enjoy strong connections with both domestic and overseas manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry, we can choose the optimal partners.
In addition, we work with domestic customers that are leaders in the industry.
Because we are in contact with a broad range of customers and manufacturers, in both upstream and downstream fields, it is easier to grasp trends in industry expertise and information, for example.
By maintaining close relationships with manufacturers and customers, and increasing the level of specialization, we can further enhance our finely detailed support for customers.

Area of responsibility/main products handled

Pharmaceuticals Development Pharmaceutical intermediates, and so on

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