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Construction Materials Department

Overview of the business

In the Construction Materials Department, we have designated the fields of insulation, interior trim, waterproofing and wooden packaging as the primary business domains, and are working in collaboration with suppliers to offer products that meet customer needs. Also, in recent years, in addition to environmental products, we have been actively developing products that contribute to reduced energy and greater efficiency on the construction site.
Based on the information that we have accumulated, we unearth new demand and propose business models that can adapt accordingly, always working to win the trust and praise of customers in an environment where their unique needs are rapidly diversifying.

Strengths of the business

Construction Materials Department

Using our networks built up over many years, we are working to provide integrated services. In the field of insulation and interior trim, we are expanding distribution features using a strategy centered on business investments, and accessing end-customers to reveal new demand. In the waterproof field, we offer services to those in peripheral markets, such as architects' offices, and are moving forward steadily to strengthen the functions of the Company. With regard to wooden packaging materials, our overseas transactions are primarily related to security products, in addition to which we are actively developing transactions in a range of fields for consignment processing. By taking steps into a solutions-based business, we support the further strengthening of our customers' business base.

Area of responsibility/main products handled

Construction materials Waterproof materials, heat-insulating materials/subsidiary materials, interior trim materials, internal store trim materials, flooring materials, wooden packaging materials, residential fittings, and so on

Group companies

Tokyo Glasron Co., Ltd.

Business Sale of heat-insulating, sound-proofing/sound-absorbing materials and subsidiary materials, general new construction materials, residential-related fittings
Sales and related work for interior and exterior trim materials
URL http://www.glasron.co.jp/


Business Sale of insulation and general new construction materials
URL http://www.sooken.co.jp/

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