2. Investor Relations
  3. Medium-Term Management Plan

Medium-Term Management Plan

1. The Vision behind Our New Medium-Term Management Plan

'Next Stage 2019' New three-year medium-term management plan beginning in fiscal 2017

Vision We aim to continually create new businesses and achieve sustained development with our partners.
Company Motto Always Bright and Friendly Exhibiting integrity and truthfulness in all that they do, all employees encourage each other to embrace the principle of team work, creating a truly warmhearted organization and contributing widely to society.

2. Understanding of Domestic/Overseas Environment and Issues

Strengths of Meiwa Corporation

  • Good relationships built up over many years with blue-chip customers and suppliers
  • Solid information collection and business networks in China and Vietnam, as well as extensive business expertise

Growth opportunities

  • Solid demand expansion in the Asian market
  • An accelerating overseas advance of Japanese customers and partner companies

Risk factors

  • Structural changes in the domestic industry and shrinkage of the domestic market
  • Unstable political and economic conditions in some Asian countries and slowdowns in economic growth
  • In response to the changing business environment, we will reform businesses and push ahead for growth.
  • We will make business investments that combine our strengths with those of our customers and partner companies.

3. Targets of the New Medium-Term Management Plan

Fiscal 2019 targets

  • Consolidated net income of ¥2.5–3.0 billion
  • Optimization of the business portfolio and creation of a new earnings foundation
  • A consolidated dividend payout ratio of 15–20% to return earnings to shareholders

4. Basic Principles of the New Medium-Term Management Plan

Promotion of portfolio management by an organization directly led by our president

Reinforcement of our business promotion ability through vertical organization management

  • Selective allocation of management resources to growth fields
  • Discovery of new business investment proposals
  • Deeper cultivation of value chains
  • Expansion of our business scale by strengthening our business model

To be strengthened: important businesses such as lubricating oil, battery materials, automotive-related, rare metals and flame retardants

Reinforcement of the consolidated management foundation

4-1. Promotion of Portfolio Management

We take into account the stage of a business, actively review our portfolio, and direct management resources to growth businesses.

Promotion of Portfolio Management

4-2. Reinforcement of Our Business Promotion Ability

Convert strategic promotion to a vertical structure led by headquarters and carry out vertical marketing and business investment to strengthen our business promotion ability

Reinforcement of Our Business Promotion Ability

4-3. Reinforcement of Our Consolidated Management Foundation

Construct a new management system and organization to support consolidated management

Main policies

  • Establish new organization under the president’s direct jurisdiction to promote companywide strategies
  • Establish a management cycle to pursue efficiency and speed
  • Strengthen governance of investment in bases and businesses
  • Reinforce project promotion system in terms of business investment, etc.
  • Construct an optimal organizational system and review the human resources evaluation system
  • Put more effort into fostering human resources needed for business investment and global expansion

5. What We Aim to Be: The Next Stage

We will proceed to optimize our business portfolio, and once we invest in the creation of a new earnings foundation, we aim to leap to the next growth stage.