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Mineral Resource & Environmental Business Department

Overview of the business

The Mineral Resource & Environmental Business Department consists of the Mineral Resource business, which handles primarily rare earths, rare metals, metal products, and inorganic materials, and the Environmental business, which deals with materials for use in water processing environments. We trade in rare earths and rare metals excavated in China, and develop new businesses that meet market needs by using our matching capabilities in metal-product trading, where we have a long track record and experience. In addition, we are actively proposing environmental materials, such as activated carbon, and equipment to customers both in Japan and overseas, and working toward preservation of the environment.

Strengths of the business

Mineral Resource & Environmental Business Department

In the Chinese market, where we have cultivated the market for water processing materials, we introduced environmental materials that match customer needs and are pushing forward with solution-based proposals. We have introduced environmental materials that incorporate advanced technology, from Japan and overseas, to customers in China and Southeast Asia, and are striving to resolve environmental problems. In environmental matters, we have partnered with manufacturers with which we already deal for rare earth and rare metals. In addition to assisting them in becoming companies with highly sustainable businesses, we have accumulated expertise with the aim of becoming a one-stop service for environmental measures.

Area of responsibility/main products handled

Mineral Resource & Environmental Business Rare earth elements, rare metals, environmental materials, metal products, activated carbon, quartz, inorganic raw materials, and so on

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