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Resins & Flame Retardants Department

Overview of the business

Applications for resin materials span a wide range, such as automotive, electrical/electronics, food packaging materials, residential construction materials and daily goods, and the possibilities in this area are unlimited.
Paying careful attention to the performance and functionality of the ultimate product, we actively submit proposals on the optimal resin raw material, method of processing and conditions of processing.
Based on our collaboration in flame retardants with Suzuhiro Chemical Co., Ltd., we manufacture antimony trioxide on an OEM basis in China and Thailand. In addition to powder and wetting types, we have commercialized master batches.
We have also brought together a line-up of a number of flame retardants, primarily bromine-based, which are used in a wide range of countries such as Japan, China and South Korea, as well as Southeast Asia.

Strengths of the business

Resins & Flame Retardants Department

We handle a broad range, from general-purpose resins to engineering plastics and super engineering plastics, as well as PVC, elastomers and so on, in soft products. Recently, recycled resin and, as a global strategy, overseas resin is also expanding. In addition, we consider consignment processing, involving coloring and compounding with special additives, to be one of our strengths.
Through our collaboration with Suzuhiro Chemical Co., Ltd., which has strengths in flame retardant quality control, analysis, consignment flame resistance testing and formulation technology, we have developed a diverse product lineup that includes antimony trioxide, bromine- and phosphorus-based flame retardants. As a result of this diverse product line-up, we can create product proposals that match a wide range of customer needs, using them to expand this business domain.

Area of responsibility/main products handled

Resins/Flame Retardants General-purpose resins, engineering plastics, various flame retardants, antimony trioxide, TBA/TBP, and so on

Group companies

Suzuhiro Chemical Co., Ltd.

Business Research and development and manufacture of flame retardants
URL http://www.chemical-suzuhiro.co.jp/

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