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Petroleum Business Development Department

Overview of the business

In the Petroleum Business Development Department, we are developing new petroleum-related businesses, primarily in Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar and others), based on the petroleum business experience that we have cultivated in Japan and China. In Vietnam, our local subsidiary was granted the first domestic sales license obtained by a trading company for lubricants, and began sales activities in 2017 as a special local agent of JXTGE. In Indonesia, we are aiming for a similar expansion. Through joint ventures created by the acquisition of other existing businesses and through alliances with local companies, our goal is to achieve further growth in the business.

Strengths of the business

Petroleum Business Development Department

Through the manufacturing and sale of lubricants in Japan and China, a business that is still in development, the Company has gained a business alliance with JXTG Energy and deep relationships with SK Energy in the area of raw material procurement. Likewise, in Southeast Asia, through the provision of precise local information, the Company has succeeded in concluding a number of business alliances and procuring products. In addition, we were able to obtain information on the advance of Japanese and Chinese customers into Southeast Asia at an early stage, enabling us to take the lead in providing services.

Area of responsibility/main products handled

Petroleum business development Development of petroleum-related businesses in Southeast Asia
(Business investments, lubricant sales, intra-regional trade in petroleum products/base oil, etc.)

Group companies

Meiwa (Shanghai) Corporation

Business Domestic sale in China and import and export of petroleum, chemicals, plastics, and metal products
URL http://www.meiwa-sha.com.cn/

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