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High Performance Materials Department

Overview of the business

For markets such as ink, paint, agents for paper making, adhesives and FRP applications, we sell general chemical raw materials such as polymer raw materials (monomers, organic acids, varieties of alcohol), urethane raw materials (special isocyanate, polyol), resin for coatings, FRP raw materials, high-precision chemical products such as organic chemicals and fillers (carbon black, titanium oxide, CNT and others) for optics and electronics, and inorganic chemical products such as inorganic fibers(carbon fiber, glass fiber).
In addition, we are expanding into industries where demand is strong, using processed products such as printing materials (flexo printing plates, negative film and others), film foam products, FRP and molded plastic products.

Strengths of the business

High Performance Materials Department

In the chemical raw material business, we have a platform that can quickly grasp and respond to changes in market needs which occur both in Japan and overseas. In addition, for printing materials and processed products, we utilize locations in Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia) and South Korea, in addition to Japan and China, to build a sales network.
One of our strengths is the development of a solutions business that can deal with the diversification of products as well as product design and processing.

Area of responsibility/main products handled

High-performance materials Raw material for coatings, flexo printing plates, printing materials, electronic materials, raw materials for adhesives, raw materials for urethane and rubber, thermal barrier paints, agents for paper making, foams, films, amusements, FRP, and so on

Group companies

Juzen Corporation

Business Import and domestic sale of inorganic and organic chemicals, agricultural chemicals and pharmacological agents, foodstuffs, food additives, and industrial materials, and so on
URL http://www.jc-jc.co.jp/

Takeda Shoji Co., Ltd.

Business Manufacture and sale of industrial chemicals; chemical tank units and water and sewer drainage units
URL http://www.jc-jc.co.jp/publics/index/38/#page38_152

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