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Battery Materials Department

Overview of the business

The Battery Materials Department aims to facilitate safe and secure lifestyles in today’s smart society and contribute to an optimal energy mix with lithium-ion batteries. These aims are achieved by creating proposals to make the supply chain clear and consistent all the way from the raw materials for primary components, such as cathode materials, anode materials, electrolytic solutions and separators, to intermediate products and finished goods.

Strengths of the business

Battery Materials Department

We support the business expansion of customers and partners with highly specialized sales staff, using a network that extends from Japan to China and Southeast Asia, and through investment in areas such as the manufacture of intermediate anode material products in China. We also play a valuable role in customers’ operations by offering analysis grounded in proprietary research into market conditions for materials related to the battery industry.

Area of responsibility/main products handled

Battery materials and related devices Lithium-ion battery cathode/anode materials, electrolytic solutions and separators, in addition to associated raw materials and intermediate products; active materials and electrolytic solutions for electric double-layer capacitors, in addition to associated raw materials and intermediate products; batteries for stationary and mobile electricity storage systems; anthracite and processed anthracite products; limestone and processed limestone products, and so on

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