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Automotive Department

Overview of the business

The automotive industry has gathered around it a wide variety of other industries from raw materials, to IT, high-tech, environmental and so on, and is a central pillar of the global economy. Through its investment in automotive parts manufacturers, the Company pays close attention to environmental issues, tackles the challenge of continuously developing new technology with the goal of meeting market needs, and has a structure that allows it to provide innovative automotive parts. Amid the shift from vehicles powered by internal combustion engines to electric vehicles, we are responding to changes in the concept of the automobile by providing everything from raw materials to trim parts. We will provide solutions to customers and aim for sustainable growth for both sides.

Strengths of the business

Automotive Department

We are approaching the automotive parts industry from multiple directions, providing everything from raw materials to trim parts.
In addition, we have processing locations both in Japan and overseas, using affiliates and companies in which we have invested.

Japan Gunma (Kumi Kasei factory), Tochigi (Kumi Kasei Development Center), Suzuka (Kumi Kasei), Gifu (mold factory)
China Guangzhou (factory of business partner, and design development company), Ningbo (factory for extrusion products, weather strips), Wuhan (factory of business partner)
Southeast Asia Thailand (Kumi Kasei factory, mold factory), Indonesia (Surabaya) foundry
North America U.S. state of Ohio, Alabama (Kumi Kasei factory), and Ontario, Canada (Kumi Kasei factory)

Area of responsibility/main products handled

Automotive General automotive parts and materials (synthetic resin products, trim parts, cast products, etc.) as well as raw materials

Group companies

Kumi Kasei Co., Ltd.

Business R&D, design manufacture and sale of automobile interior parts
Manufacture and sale of resin and rubber products for OA devices, communications equipment, and so on
URL http://www.kumi.co.jp/

P.T. Pakarti Riken Indonesia

Business Manufacture and sale of cast metal products
URL http://parin.co.id/

Information on Other Bases

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