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Basic Policy

Basic Policy

Environmental problems are serious issues because they impact Earth as a whole, as well as the life of future generations.Meiwa Corporation proactively strives to conserve the natural environment while engaging in sound business activities, and thereby adheres to its motto "Meiko Washin" (Always bright and friendly).In so doing, Meiwa, as a good corporate citizen, not only lives in a symbiotic relationship with, but contributes to society at large.

Guidelines for Corporate Activities

1. Always be considerate of the natural environment

In trading commodities and making business investments in Japan and abroad, we endeavor to conserve the environment by always considering the consequences of our activities on local communities and ecosystems, and also to contribute to the decreasing of enviromental load to the society by promoting conservative business for the environmennt.

2. Efficient Use of Resources and Energy

We aim to make efficient use of resources and energy in our clerical activities.

3. Helping to Establish a Recycling-based Economy and Society

To help establish a recycling-based economy and society, we are promoting the efficient use of resources by reducing and recycling waste. We pursue this aim not only in the course of our own activities, but by encouraging our partners and affiliates as well.

4. Strict Observance of All Laws and Regulations Related to the Environment

To prevent environmental pollution, we fully inform ourselves of, and observe laws, regulations, treaties etc. related to the environment.

5. Establishment of a System for Environment Management

To achieve the objectives of the above-mentioned Efforts for Environmental Protection, we are establishing an environmental management system that is individually geared to the specific characteristics of our activities as a trading company. We endeavor to improve this system continually by reviewing it periodically.

6. Activities to Promote Employee Awareness of Environmental Problems

We conduct activities to promote employee awareness of environmental issues, so that our entire staff may develop a deep understanding of these problems, and always be considerate towards the environment while carrying out their corporate activities.

These Efforts for Environmental Protection shall be succinctly communicated to all employees, and disseminated to the general public.

Revised on September 1, 2017