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Corporate Philosophy

Always Bright and Friendly
Always Bright and Friendly. Exhibiting integrity and truthfulness in all that they do, all employees encourage each other to embrace the principle of teamwork, creating a truly warmhearted organization and contributing widely to society.

The corporate philosophy of "Always Bright and Friendly" is based on the concept that corporate management is a human problem, that we will respect one another's personalities and encourage harmonious interaction. Based on this way of thinking, the Meiwa Group will pursue its ideal of creating an enterprise in which the entire company is made into a stronger group of individuals by each individual constantly striving to develop himself or herself and demonstrating their abilities to the maximum. On this foundation, the Company will contribute widely to society through its business and employees will benefit richly.

Code of Conduct for Meiwa Corporation Employees
(Items to Be Observed)

  1. All employees must respect human rights and strive to root out all forms of discrimination and harassment.
  2. In conducting business transactions, all employees must always comply with relevant laws and ordinances as well as in-house rules and embrace the spirit of integrity.
  3. All employees must comply with international rules on trade.
  4. All employees must thoroughly control and safeguard company information as well as information that they obtain from external parties.
  5. No employee may act in a manner inimical to the interest of the Company or fail to clearly distinguish between private and public spheres of life.
  6. Employees must make records and reports relating to finances and accounting in a timely and appropriate manner.
  7. In entertaining (or being entertained by) business associates, giving or receiving hospitality or any courtesy, etc., employees may not violate relevant laws and ordinances or exceed the limits of generally accepted propriety.
  8. All employees are prohibited from unlawful trading of stocks, etc. (e.g., insider trading).
  9. All employees must take a firm attitude toward antisocial elements and must not grant them any form of benefit whatsoever.
  10. All employees must comply with agreements and relevant laws and regulations, etc., related to the environment and proactively promote environmentally friendly corporate activities.
  11. If any employee becomes aware of conduct by another employee that infringes on any of the above items or if any employee violates any of the above items due to negligence, etc., they must promptly inform and consult their superior or the division concerned or a corporate lawyer.