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President's Message

Always Bright and Friendly Nobuhiko Otomo President

Meiwa Corporation is involved in numerous businesses, including chemicals, lubricants, battery materials, automotive-related and mineral resource and environmental-related. Leveraging sales and distribution sites, an information network and trade expertise built up over many years, particularly in China, we go beyond mere export and import trade, also investing actively in other businesses.

In the medium-term management plan launched in 2017, our vision is to continually create new businesses and achieve sustained development with our partners. We will promote portfolio management, reinforcement of our business promotion ability, and reinforcement of the consolidated management foundation, in preparation for the leap to our next growth stage.

Meiwa Corporation has expanded its business domains since its establishment in 1947, and it will continue to aggressively grow its business in the years to come in line with the spirit of its motto, "Meiko Washin," which means "Always bright and friendly." We look forward to your continued support.

April 1, 2019